Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Search in the city center

Hola from SLP,

Today we officially started classes.

Students attended classes of Spanish grammar, culture, conversation, and literature.

Later in the evening we met in the city center where the students split into groups in order to compete with each other in a city style egg-hunt.
Each group had a list of monuments, dispersed in 3 city squares, along with a list of other random cultural items such as spicy-tamale flavored ice-cream, which they had to identify and then complete a group picture in front of. We plan to use these pictures in a competition where each group makes a collage best representing San Luis Potosi.

Tomorrow we have another full day of classes as well as professional photos in the morning and chorus/theater in the afternoon.
Expect another update this week.
As well, keep your fingers crossed that your children have you in mind this Friday when we visit San Miguel de Allende, which offers one of the most impressive and authentic cultural markets in Mexico.
Buenas Noches,
Stephen y el equipo de SLP

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  1. A scavenger hunt...great idea. And can't wait to see the pics that students take!