Saturday, June 19, 2010

The week in review from SLP

Hola Hola from SLP Mexico,

Overall, I am pleased to report that we are doing quite well. This week we: successfully completed our first week in San Luis Potosi, took group photos, began classes and choir, celebrated A.J.'s Birthday with a gathering and tres leches cake, and yesterday we visited San Miguel de Allende.
The students are really doing an exceptional job at following the honor codes of the program and it shows in their progress with the Spanish language.
Our trip to San Miguel de Allende was excellent and as promised the sights and shopping fantastic.
Today, Saturday, some students will take part in a tour of the SLP market as well as spend time with their host families. Tomorrow, those students who are interested will take an afternoon jog in Tangamanga park.
Lastly, given the students have been doing so well (and we are impressed) they will be permitted to call the USA for 5 minutes tomorrow Sunday.
For now Hasta Luego and we will keep you posted.
Team SLP

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