Friday, July 23, 2010

Final Countdown

Hola to all,

Yes, the time has come, our gala event this evening where the students will showcase their talents in appreciation for all that our host-families have done for us. Tonight will feature 2 dances, 3 theater productions, and 3 songs, followed by a celebration-good-bye cake. Than, later in the evening, students will have the option of returning with their families for dinner or joining the instructors for a typical Mexican evening dinner/soup: the famous pozol.
Tomorrow, Saturday, students will be with their families during the day while in the evening we will meet for an ice-cream and final fare-well tour-bus-ride in the city center.
Sunday, well, I imagine there will be a good amount of emotion, as well as some scrambling to fit all the gifts we bought back into our original suit-cases.
Our flight takes off quite early Monday,6-30am, so we are using a charter-bus service in order to ensure, as much as possible, that we are all on time.
As of now the flight is confirmed and, with some luck, we should all be back in Indianapolis around 3pm. I recommend planning on arriving at the air-port between 2:30 and 3:00pm.
Look for some last minute pictures this Sunday of our last weekend and a confirmation that we have made it through our last weekend here in SLP safe, sound, and feliz.
Wish us luck this evening.
Have a good weekend.
Team SLP

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