Sunday, July 11, 2010

Safe Return from the Capital

Saludos once again from San Luis Potosi,

We hope everyone had a good weekend.

We safely arrived back in SLP at 9pm after a very successful expedition to the capital city. We were lucky to escape most of the rain Mexico has been experiencing and completed all of our planned itinerary!
From Temples to Sacred Churches, to Boat rides accompanied by Mariachis, we did it all.

Overall the students had a very nice time and they continue to impress us with their positive attitude, maturity, and the very noticeable advancement in their Spanish communicative abilities.

Tomorrow, the students have an extra hour to sleep in, as we will start classes at 10am.

Just 2 more weeks, which will surely fly by, and then we are back to the Mid-West.
Look for another update later this week, but be assured that all is well, the students are doing great, and that you will see your loved ones soon enough!
Have a Great Week!

Un Abrazo desde SLP.

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