Friday, July 16, 2010

Next to last and final weeks in SLP

Un saludo a todos,
This week was another fun-filled adventure here in San Luis Potosi. Students continue to communicate effectively in Spanish, join together daily in activities both in and out of the classroom, and demonstrate their right to hold the title of Honors Students.
Monday, we continued practicing our choir performance as we lead up to the big farewell gala, where students will perform and sing in appreciation for their host families. As well, Monday evening students were offered the opportunity to visit a book-store in the city center where they bought novels and other literature, which will keep them improving their vocabulary and language abilities until they return to classes in August.
Tuesday, we split the groups into our usual Tangamanga park-soccer and dance-studio outings. Additionally, a group of students went out to eat afterward.
Wednesday, we continued with our theater practice and students went out for lunch and then to watch the new karate kid movie dubbed in Spanish during the evening.
Thursday, was a special farewell event offered by the dance school students have been attending. The celebration followed their usual Thursday evening salsa classes.
Friday, we visited Quikilandia adventure park where students had the chance to rock climb, ride go-karts, play paint-ball, and more. Later in the day we moved to a camp-nature-site where we sun-bathed, kayaked, and played volley-ball and soccer.
Today, Saturday, students will be accompanied to a museum in the park and then have the rest of the day to spend with their families.
Next week will be even fuller as we approach the end of the program, finalize our fare-well ceremony, and begin to say good-bye to SLP.
More to come later in the week with the fare-well performance on Friday.
Have a great weekend!
Team SLP

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