Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pre-Departure for the capital: D.F. el Distrito Federal

We hope all is well back in the USA and everyone had a safe + happy 4th of July.

In SLP things are going very well. We celebrated 2 Birthdays, those of Maggie and Dylan, and both of their host families graciously offered to have parties for their respective celebrants/host child, providing a traditional Mexican birthday celebration with dance, food, torta, singing and much more.

Otherwise, classes are going well this week, as are choir, dance, and sports.

Our big weekend to the capital city of Mexico is upon us.

The trip starts out at 6:30 am this Friday, when we meet and begin our journey.
Below is a copy of our planned itinerary for the weekend. If you'd like you can google some of the stops/sites with their Spanish names to get a better feel for what we will be seeing this weekend. Some English translations are provided here (obviously, not in the original!), but whatever you don't understand you can ask your child to explain with pictures once we return.

Our best from SLP and we hope this weekend will be one of the highlights of the trip for the whole group!

Viernes, 9 de julio

6:30 Salida de Tequis. (leave out from the park in SLP)

10:30 Parada en el McDonald’s de San Juan del Rio para

merendar (no comemos el lonche hasta después de Teotihuacán) (snack at McD's)

11:30 Llegar a las pirámides, ver el Templo de Quetzalcoatl y (pyramids and temple!)

caminar hasta las Pirámides del Sol y de la Luna

Subir, pasear, ir de compras

3:00 Lonche, en las pirámides (lunch)

4:00 Subir al autobús para visitar la Basílica (visit the Basilica)

5:00 Visita a la Basílica de Guadalupe (another famous Basilica!)

6:30 Llegar al hotel (Arrive at hotel)

8:00 Cenar en Sanborns o VIPS, cerca del hotel (Eat near hotel)

Sábado, 10 de julio

8:00 Desayuno (breakfast)

9:00 Subir al bus (Hop in the bus)

10:00 visitar el Xócalo, Catedral, Palacio Nacional, y Templo

Mayor (very exciting visit to the center of importance)

11:30 Caminar a la Casa de los Azulejos (walk to the famous palace)

12:00 Comer en Sanborns (lunch)

1:00 Caminar al Palacio de Bellas Artes (walk to the palace/museum)

2:00 Subir al bus (back on the bus)

3:00 Castillo de Chapultepec (castle)

4:15 Museo de antropología (Salas Azteca, Maya, Tolteca)(Museum of Anthropology-best in the world?

7:00 Ballet folclórico, en el museo (ballet of folklore--another classic)

9:00 Cena cerca del hotel. (dinner near hotel)

Domingo, 11 de julio

8:00 Subida al autobús, con equipaje (pack up the bus, check out of hotel)

9:00 Desayuno en Coyoacán (breakfast)

10:00 Vuelta por Coyoacán, visitar el museo Frida Kahlo (Frida Kahlo musuem)

12:00 Ir a Xochilmilco (enter the boats!)

3:00 Salida del D.F. (say good-bye)

9:00 Llegada a San Luis (return to SLP)

¡Que se diviertan! (Have fun!)

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